Arsalan Rao was born and brought up in Karachi, Pakistan.
The schooling years of his life were the toughest. He struggled a lot for his studies. The consistent procedure of education never interested him. He was an average student throughout his academic life. Additional activities like using computers, making different designs, browsing on internet, inspiring souls, making friends, motivating others etc. were his favorite things. Nothing was motivating him enough to take up studies seriously in a status quo way.

He enjoyed understanding the concepts more than just memorizing ready made notes. After completion of his schooling by science, he chose to become a designer- a graphic and web designer. It was considered a strange decision taken by him at that time. Today, however, he don’t regret it at all.

Then his life turned to another route when he got an opportunity to motivating people and giving inspirational trainings in different Institutions and universities, as it was already one of his favorite job to motivating and helping people now he own his software house and an institution.

He is a very good observer and listener (don’t think I am just convincing you that He is the best but He is! So can’t help it), He is incredibly fun-loving and adventurous person- love to take challenges, no matter how tough they are! Helpful, caring toward others, kind-hearted, cool-minded, bold and intelligent are just some of his qualities.


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