Everything is design


Everything is design theory is a thought and a support for a strong visualization that every designer need because we should always remember that anyone can be a design but not visualize creative ideas. This theory depends on our day to day life as we go through the roads as we see the weather as we see the dust or even as we see a garbage everywhere there is a design, we never notice these small things in our path like a little signboard of a small shop or same design that vehicles tires made on the road. Just think for once have you ever noticed the soil in rain it creates thousands of shades of colors that you can’t even imagine to see anywhere else, so if you really want to visualize strong enough to compete in the field of designing start searching and observing things even if you just want to hands on web designing, whenever you see anything like anything small or big even In your room or front of a house think it’s a web site and try to arrange things accordingly like the roof wall is a header and the lights in it are navigation and the main gate of the house is the content area and the windows beside it is a advertisement banners area. I have given some examples below with the pictures that could help you understanding more about this theory and observing things for a strong visualization.


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